Hannoveranian Chestnut Stallion *2013

A true sire – impressive and with his big frame and confirmation he embodies elegance and modernity at the same time.

Daou TB

Oldenburger Black Stallion *2013

Daou is a little dancer, light-footed and flexible. His three very good and promising gaits combined with his beautiful look and very interesting bloodlines are a combination no rider can say no to.





Hannoveranian Chestnut Stallion *2013

The elegant and highly elastic young stallion naturally covers the whole pallet of desired characteristics of the dressage horse. Watching the stallion under the saddle one can indulge in the continuity and dimension of his movements. His daily eagerness for work and his well balanced temperament captivate and enchant the observer just as much as me as a rider.

I am extremely happy to be able to train and teach him as well as learn from him at the same time. He is an exceptional horse, with character, courage and heart.



Hannoveranian Brown Stallion *2008

Foundation stands for the exceptional under the genetic as well as the sportive aspect. As a dominant breeding sire, with outstanding results for rideability and an irresistible quality of movements, he impresses on all levels.

Flash Hit

Oldenburger Black-brown Stallion *2011

The Oldenburg stallion embodies an almost sublime dressage horse when it comes to genetics, characteristics and quality of movements.



Oldenburger Black Gelding *2010

Bretton Woods

KWPN Black Stallion *2006

Bretton Woods, named Woody by the team, came to Schafhof in August 2011. Together with Paul Schockemöhle we were able to purchase this really impressive young stallion in the Netherlands and take him to Germany. 




Totilas was born in the Netherlands and he grew up there until he was ten. The black stallion was educated by Edward Gal. After the WEG 2010 Paul Schockemöhle bought Totilas and saved him for the german breed and the german sport. Shortly afterwarfs he asked me if I could imagine, to ride Totilas. The first units with him were very positive and harmonic. It was obvious from the first minute that it was a perfect match. Of course I am very happy, to ride the worlds best dressage horse from now on. Otherwise I know: it is a big challenge to fill Edwards footsteps.
November, 30th 2010 Totilas and me were presented to the media as Germany´s next white hope. Today I cannot affirm: 2012 we will win the gold medal. Till then it is a long way to go! Together we will work hard to inspire and electrify fans all over the world on our own way. With this partnership starts a new dimension for me and I really look forward to develop this fantastic partnership.