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On special occasions and per request, Matthias takes off his gloves, hat and white riding breeches, lays them aside to dress up in a warm jacket - being in the north, or a short sleeved polo, being in the south - and step into arenas where dressage interested crowds are gathered, to give a clinic where he shares his philosophy of training, riding and conveys the secret of overcoming personal challenges in order to develop and achieve success.
Matthias is a very appreciated clinician, that brings not only facts and expertise into the rooms, but also a good portion of humor and humanity.

Horses for sale

Many talented horses of different age and educational level are bred, stabled or/and trained at Schafhof.
We care about honest quality, where mentality, talent, pedigree and temperament are key elements we specifically look for.
We sell horses that we like to ride. Therefore nothing makes us more happy than being part of making a new great match between horse and rider.

Our horses

Horse Training

On a selected scale we take horses in training. When training horses, we take them through a well balanced education system, in order for them to grow, develop and maximize their potential. We have a team of excellent riders, trainers and grooms at Schafhof, that is training and competing the horses up to Grand Prix level. Schafhof works with long term partnerships and training plans in order to support real growth.

Training of Riders

We train ambitious riders that want to excel. We do this in a few different ways. You can apply to become a working or a paying riding student at Schafhof. This way you will have long term support and a greater focus on how to truly learn the craft; learning by doing. If you cannot be based in Germany, Matthias also travels a few times a year on a global scale to give courses and clinics. Matthias also supports younger competition riders in order for them to develop.