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Matthias Alexander Rath & Gestüt Schafhof

Matthias Rath

I have been involved with horses my entire life. My father Klaus Martin Rath is a trainer and instructor. I train with him daily at the Schafhof which is also home to a total of 48 horses. My stepmother Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff is one of the most successful of all dressage horsewomen and is, like my uncle Karsten Huck, bronce Medallist of Seoul 1988. We breed horses here in Kronberg, my mother Melita Huck is an equestrian photographer and was an active horse rider herself - it's hard to imagine a "horsier" life than that! Horses are my passion, my mission, my past, and my future as well.

To me the connection with the horse is the most important thing. Riding is about companionship.

Matthias Rath

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Gestüt Schafhof

Schafhof has a tradition that goes back centuries in time and is closely associated with the local history of Kronberg. While it was originally a manor house in the Middle Ages, it later became an important centre for sheep rearing. The name “Schafhof”, which means “Sheep Farm”, is derived from this activity and has survived into the present day. As recently as the 17th century about 3000 sheep grazed on the extensive estate in the Taunus region.

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